Joshu Osmanski - Value in Consulting

Successful consultants like Joshu Osmanski understand that clients hire them and keep retaining them because clients want to get value. Therefore, the job of a consultant is to deliver value to the client. Experienced consultants know that they are dealing with clients’ values, not their own values. For example, a consultant may study the client’s business and find out that the profits can increase by a significant amount if new employee motivation systems are put in place. However, the client may not want to deal with employee motivation.

Joshu Osmanski

The client may want to focus on obtaining new clients for the business. Inexperienced consultants usually start insisting on doing what will bring more profits. Experienced consultants know that the relationship revolves around the values of the client. They will mention the opportunities that they discover, but they will not ruin a relationship by not delivering what the client wants.

The value of a consulting relationship to the client is about the client’s perception of results. Clients need to be happy and need to want to continue the relationship with the consultant, not be forced against their will to do things that they do not want to do.

Successful consultants also know how to exercise power and control and are comfortable with doing do. One of the big mistakes consultants make has to do with delivering too much of core value. Even when clients get a lot of core value, they can leave for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with core value. This is why expert consultants like Joshu Osmanski create a balance between what their clients get.

Joshu Osmanski - Consulting as a Job and Consulting as a Business

Joshu Osmanski is an experienced consultant with a deep understanding of his business. If you take a look at the consulting industry, you will see the same patterns that you can see in any other business. Most consultants are doing so-so and are having a hard time attracting clients. Top several percent of consultants are doing extremely well, are keeping their clients for many years and are charging premium fees.

Joshu Osmanski

If you talk to these successful consultants, you will find that they are successful because they do things differently from everybody else. The entire culture of mainstream consulting is about exchanging hours for dollars. A consultant charges a rate of one hundred dollars an hour. He or she talked to the client for thirty minutes and sends a bill for fifty dollars. In this scenario consulting is a well-paid hourly job, but not a business.

Consultants who view their craft as a business, know that if they price their services based on dollar per hours, they will hit a ceiling very quickly and eventually they will be unhappy with it because they can only work so many hours in a day. If they keep raising their fees and get to a really high number per hour, the clients will also stop being happy at a certain point. They will calculate how much they are making, how much they are paying the consultant and decide that something is wrong if the consultant is making much more than they do.

This is why successful consultants like Joshu Osmanski price their services differently. They use performance fees, percentages of the deals and other structures that make both parties happy.

Joshu Osmanski - Mistakes That US Navy Recruits Must Avoid

Joshu Osmanski enjoyed a successful career in the military, serving as a naval pilot as a member of the United States Navy between 2009 and 2014. All new recruits need to work hard to show that they have what it takes, but this often results in many making mistakes that could hamper their efforts. The below should all be avoided if you want to find success in your early efforts.

Joshu Osmanski

Standing Out

The more you stand out from the crowd the more likely it is that you are going to draw the ire of instructors and commanding officers. Leave any loud clothing or luggage that you have back at home and understand that you are being trained to become part of a team. Your individuality can be expressed through the skills that you develop, rather than the clothes that you wear.

Talking Back

A bad attitude will hamper your efforts from the off. You must understand that your instructors know what is best and you should do everything you can to demonstrate the right attitude, even if you disagree with what you have been told to do. Bring your experiences into training where relevant but make sure you dedicate yourself to learning.

Not Considering Money

Money issues affect a lot of new recruits so it is important to get your financial affairs in order quickly. Contribute to a life insurance policy and create a budget that allows you to live within your means. You should start saving for your future from the moment your join the military.

Joshu Osmanski is a former naval pilot who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Southern Watch.

Joshu Osmanski - Tips For Adults Returning To College

Joshu Osmanski made the decision to re-enter education after leaving the United States Navy, enrolling in the School of Continuing Studies before he started his pre-med studies in Biochemistry at Tulane University. Many adults wish to re-enter education, often with the aim of furthering their careers, but they face a number of challenges that other students don’t have to deal with. These pointers should prove useful for anybody in this position.

Joshu Osmanski

Know Your Strengths

It is likely that you will have worked during your time away from education, which should have allowed you to develop a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You can apply this to your education by using this knowledge to determine what works best for you in a learning environment. This knowledge also allows you to figure out what you need to improve.

Brush Up On Writing

Academic writing is often different to any sort of writing that you will have done during your career so it is important that you brush up on your skills. Try revising your old work so that you can re-learn how to place references into your writing and the sort of language that you will need to use.

Do Your Research

Before you can re-enter education as an adult you need to consider where you will actually go to study. Your experiences in life will likely be able to inform your decision, but you should still take the time to consider the pros and cons of every institution available to you.

Joshu Osmanski is a pre-med student at Tulane University, where he studies Biochemistry.

Joshu Osmanski -  Common Money Mistakes Made By New Military Recruits

Joshu Osmanski served in the United States Navy as a naval pilot between 2009 and 2014, undergoing extensive training in the process. When going through your training it can be easy to neglect other aspects of your life, particularly your financial situation. This leads to some recruits making a number of common mistakes in regards to money, including all of the following.

Joshu Osmanski

Failing To Budget

Being able to live within your means is crucial to your success in the military. Many new recruits make the mistake of thinking that they can afford more than they actually can, which leads to them making extravagant purchases that result in trouble back home. This can lead to stress, which adversely affects your performance.

Spending Bonuses

The bonuses you receive as part of your service may seem like they present you with the opportunity to splash out. However, in actuality these bonuses should make up an important part of your saving plan for your life outside of the military. Be responsible with this money and use it to pay off debts and save for your future, rather than spending it on things you don’t actually need.

Forgoing Life Insurance

Young recruits who do not have families often forgo paying into life insurance plans, especially if they do not have families support. While this may save a little money in the short-term, it can have a number of ramifications later on. Interrupting your coverage may result in trouble finding a new policy later on, especially if you develop any medical conditions during your service.

Joshu Osmanski served in the United States Navy for five years.

Joshu Osmanski - Steps For Staying Safe When Scuba Diving

When he is not busy with his work as a real estate investor and business consultant, Joshu Osmanski likes to scuba dive. Safety is a fundamental aspect of scuba diving and it is important that all novices learn the various techniques that they need to keep themselves and their diving buddies safe at all times. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure your safety, including the below.

Never Hold Your Breath

One of the first things that you will be taught when you start scuba diving is that holding your breath has potentially lethal consequences. You must be able to overcome your natural inclination to hold your breath when you enter the water, else you will prevent air from escaping your lungs. This can lead to ruptures in the lung wall that will cause serious injury or even death.

Joshu Osmanski

Check Your Equipment

You should not undertake a dive until you have checked every aspect of your equipment, as even the smallest faults can have dire consequences. Make sure that you learn how to use your gear and that you conduct a buddy-check before you dive. Highlight anything that seems out of the ordinary and always err on the side of caution if you are unsure.

Stay Aware

Joshu Osmanski has been scuba diving many times and maintains his awareness when under the water. You should always keep an eye on your diving buddy, plus you need to be aware of the currents in the water at all times.

Joshu Osmanski - Three Reasons to Go Scuba  Diving

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the ocean. Joshu Osmanski was a pilot in the United States Navy between 2009 and 2014. Part of his military training included physical conditioning with an emphasis on swimming. He looks forward to having the opportunity to go scuba diving. There are several reasons to become a certified scuba diver.

Joshu Osmanski

Scuba diving is an activity that involves exploration. In order to become a scuba diver, individuals are required to go through a certification process. Certification ensures that scuba divers have knowledge of proper safety practices. Certified divers are able to explore parts of the ocean that cannot be reached without the proper equipment.

Scuba diving is a great way to learn and develop your knowledge of the ocean. While you are underwater, you may encounter a variety of marine life in its natural habitat. If you are interested in marine biology, scuba diving can help you enhance your knowledge.

There are many people who are passionate about scuba diving. This activity can be a lot of fun. There are dive spots all over the world that offer divers amazing sights and experiences. Scuba diving is a great activity for travelers and for individuals who enjoy exploration.

Osmanski was in the United States Navy for multiple years. He kept physically fit through swimming. Joshu Osmanski scuba dives whenever he has the opportunity because he loves to explore the ocean’s floor.

Joshu Osmanski - Three Facts You Should Know About Real Estate

The real estate industry includes several fields. Joshu Osmanski invests in real estate and splits his time between New Orleans, Louisiana and Boston, Massachusetts. He served in the United States Navy for five years. He left the military so that he could pursue other business ventures as a civilian, and study biochemistry.

Joshu Osmanski

It is important for individuals to know that real estate industry is affected by multiple factors. This market is deeply intertwined with the local economy. If the economy is strong, then the real estate market may improve. A boost in the economy could mean that there are more individuals who are able to purchase a new home.

Another factor that affects the real estate market is the financial industry. There are many individuals who need to use a mortgage in order to purchase a home. If the financial market can offer applicants mortgage loans with low rates, the number of applicants may increase.

The community also affects the real estate market. If an area is close to office complexes or good schools, the real estate market may improve. Homes that are located in good neighborhoods may be more desirable to renters as well as homebuyers. Joshu Osmanski grew up in the neighborhoods of Boston, and now lives in the neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Joshu Osmanski - How to Become a Consultant

Joshu Osmanski spent five years as an officer in the United States Navy. He is a trained fighter pilot, who served his country until 2014, and started investing in real estate. He expert level of knowledge gave him the opportunity to become a business consultant. He is now studying biochemistry at Tulane University. 

Joshu Osmanski

He has been included in the prestigious Federal Aviation Administration database, which lists those certified pilots like Joshu Osmanski who have met or exceeded the FAA’s high standards for education, licensing and medical training. The FAA’s pilot certification standards were developed in an effort to reduce pilot errors, and are among the highest in the world.

“Safety will be my overriding priority as Secretary,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx as he unveiled the new regulations. “We owe it to the traveling public to have only the most qualified and best trained pilots.” The new regulations were established in part as a response to a February 2009 plane crash. An investigation revealed that the pilot had failed three “check rides,” and may not have had enough training to respond to the emergency that caused the crash.

To get the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, pilots must have a commercial pilot license, have more than 1,500 hours of aircraft experience, and be at least twenty-one years old. Pilots with an aviation degree can qualify with 1,000 hours. Pilots must also pass an exam covering air law and related topics in order to qualify.

Joshu Osmanski served as a Navy pilot from 2009 until 2014.

Joshu Osmanski - Three Reasons to Join the Navy

The United States Navy is a large branch within the United States military. Joshu Osmanski was a member of the military branch for several years. He was a commissioned officer who was chosen to fly fighter jets. He learned his skill sets and abilities very well. He was a talented naval pilot who proudly served his country for many years before he decided to build a new career as a civilian. If you are considering a career in the military, there are several reasons to join the United States Navy.

Joshu Osmanski

Sailors and officers within the United States Navy have several opportunities to travel. Many naval ships travel for several months out of the year. Members of this branch are able to sail to different parts of the world. Even though they spend months at a time on a ship or a submarine, they also have short-term port leave in various destinations.
The navy also offers a wide range of career opportunities. Individuals can work in aviation, arts and media, business and legal, engineering and applied science, healthcare, information and technology, nuclear power, special operations, and merchant marine. Each of these departments offers extensive career training.

The United States Navy often provides career training, which can be transferred to a civilian career. If enlisted sailors or naval officers choose to retire from the military, they can use their training to build careers as civilians. Joshu Osmanski was a fighter pilot while he was in the United States Navy. The Navy gave him the opportunity to fly his jet off the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier in order to perform combat missions in service to his country. He remained in the Navy until 2014, when he decided to return to school to change careers. The Navy collaborates skills that transcend the military experience to become an integral part of a person’s character well beyond their years of service.